"Be a Smile Maker," a children's book about smiles illustrated by Kate Furman and written by Beth Roberts

Order your copy of Be a Smile Maker, my first illustrated children’s book, with author Beth Robert’s of Asheville, NC from one of the following retailers!

Be a Smile Maker is a story about the universality of smiling through times of trial and triumph. Through pen-and-ink illustrations and a whimsical rhyme, the story sheds light on the common language of smiling that binds us all, the diverse aspects of the dental profession, as well as every person's ability, no matter how big or small, to be a maker of smiles.

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I recently collaborated with author Beth Roberts from Asheville, NC to illustrate a book about smiles. All of my sketches for the book were hand drawn in pen and ink. It was a wonderful challenge and a long time dream come true for me! 

So how did I do it? Check out my steps below…

  1. Listen to your potential author’s vision to be sure you are on the same page.
  2. Draw some sample sketches to get loosened up and ready.
  3. Create a mock up with your loose sketches aligned with the author’s written words.
  4. Tweak, change and improve your mock up as a collaboration with the author.
  5. Begin your final drawings!
  6. Present your finished drawings.
  7. Wait for a while (the author is working to design the book layout).
  8. Get your first published proof copy!
  9. Alert your friends and family that the book will be released soon.
  10. Get, sign and promote your copies!

And that is it! 

I am so excited that our book, “Be a Smile Maker,” was officially released on March 10 and is available to purchase through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Powell’s Books and more.

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