Partner with Kate Furman Jewelry and Art

A unique opportunity to partner with a growing fine jewelry brand, Kate Furman Jewelry and Art.
Kate handcrafts every piece of jewelry using 14ct gold, diamonds and other gemstones. Partner with Kate Furman to sell the heirlooms of today.
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Generous Commission Rates

Commission rates up to 10% for new customers

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New products always arriving

Kate Furman launches new products every month. There are always dozens of designs to promote.

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Deep Links

Deep linking is allowed and encouraged

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30 Day Cookie Period

30 day cookie period for all of Kate's affiliate partners

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High average order value

Since Kate Furman primarily sells fine jewelry, the average order value is over $800 per customer!

Kate Furman Workshop

Proactive Collaboration

Kate Furman is dedicated to collaborating with you to create successful and meaningful partnerships.

Partner with a unique fine jewelry brand

Kate Furman is a RISD alumni that makes meaningful and unique jewelry and art. Every piece is handmade in her Greenville, South Carolina studio.

The opportunity to partner with Kate Furman is special because you are bringing one-of-a-kind art to your followers. You are also introducing high-quality jewelry to your followers that will last many lifetimes.

As an affiliate you have the opportunity to make generous commissions because the average order value is over $800. Kate Furman is dedicated to working with you to create a successful and meaningful partnership.

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