Your Happy Place and the Perfect Creative Outlet for you!

What is your happy place? Where do you go to be you, to heal and to grow?

What is your happy place? Where do you go to be you, to heal and to grow? Let me be vulnerable with you for a moment...


This past year has been an extremely difficult one for me and my family. I lost my grandmother first, then my mother and then my grandfather in the past 6 months.


It has meant a lot to me to be able to share these experiences with you as they have come along. Sharing them and talking through them has helped me heal. I really appreciate you listening and your support for me!


Something else I have become very grateful for during this time is my studio. I am able to go there to leave the world behind, get into my head and just create. Creativity is such a healing force! Do you have a creative outlet or a space that is just yours?


Losing my very artistic mother has taught me how important creativity is. She had cancer, and I watched her come to terms with it through drawing. She would sit on her screen porch and just draw for hours. It was her meditation just like creating jewelry is mine now that I am learning to live without her. 

Now I want to tell you how I can help you find an outlet for your creativity! I teach weekly drawing and jewelry classes and occasional weekend workshops at Greenville Center for Creative Arts (GCCA) in Greenville, SC.

My personal history with GCCA is extensive and very meaningful, which is a story for another day. I now dedicate every minute that I teach there to my mom, who took almost all of my classes while she was alive. I saw her thrive there, and we made so many amazing memories together in that building.

I have also met so many men and women there who have become my family and who I have seen completely grow in confidence and talent through classes and the community. So many students have nervously entered my classes saying that they haven’t touched a drawing pencil since grammar school. Within hours, they again believe in themselves and have found their own personal mediation through making art.

I sincerely believe that finding your creative outlet is the most important thing you can do for yourself. Please let me know if I can answer any questions about GCCA or my classes. I would love for you to join us!

Thank you for listening to my story, and I want to hear yours! Together we can create beauty to heal ourselves and those around us! I am here and would love to get to know you as you are getting to know me as well.