A Client Win! Handmade Jewelry Gifts and Art Class Veteran!

“Each time I go to Greenville, SC I must stop by Kate Furman Jewelry and Art to see her latest creations, fully intending to buy a gift for a friend.  Invariably I leave with a gift for a friend and of course a new piece of jewelry for me.  Her work is exquisite, timeless and captures essence of the nature around us.  Her eye for simplicity yet elegance is amazing.  Moreover, her work is reasonably priced especially given the artistic expertise. 
Also, I have had the pleasure of taking art lessons for watercolor, pen and ink, and sketching from Kate.  If you are seeking an instructor who cares and can truly teach, it is worth signing up for a private session, class or workshop.  She works with seasoned illustrators and artist “wannabes” like me.   
Add Kate to your list!”

-Anne Kaiser, Atlanta, GA and Liberty, SC 

 I met Anne several years ago when she reached out to me looking for private drawing classes. She had kept diaries and travel journals for years and wanted to add drawings to them moving forward. She saw my artwork at Art & Light Gallery in Greenville, SC and realized that my style was exactly what she was looking for!

So Anne began taking private lessons with me. Her journals are now full of color and line and her skills have skyrocketed! As we got to know each other she began also falling in love with my handmade jewelry. She really appreciates my handmade aesthetic and always picks up really cool designs! Anne has great style if I do say so myself!

Most recently Anne has been taking my drawing classes at Greenville Center for Creative Arts. It has been so fun to work with her in these different situations and get to know her over the years!