A Client Win! Marta & Jorge's Meaningful Engagement Ring - Colored Diamond Engagement Ring

"My engagement was definitely fun and exciting. My husband, at the time my long-term boyfriend, is known for procrastination. The night before our engagement he was frantically texting Kate trying to come up with a cool way to propose without a ring. He knew that I would want to be involved in creating the ring itself. Long story short I said yes, and Kate immediately made time to meet with us to plan our engagement ring. She allowed my husband and I to be creative, pick out stones, and be a part of the process. I absolutely loved working with her. Now my ring is my most treasured possession and also holds so many memories. It’s the perfect handcrafted ring for me, and I couldn’t have asked for anything better. Kate truly delivered on not only the ring but the entire process."

-Marta Lanier, Travelers Rest, SC

Marta and Jorge of Travelers Rest, SC wanted a meaningful handmade engagement ring from a unique jewelry store that combined his love of design with her love of art. He works as an industrial designer, and she works for a university art department. Needless to say they wanted a really cool ring! Jorge proposed with an inexpensive ring so that they could design her permanent engagement ring together. This is a great way to handle the proposal so that she gets a surprise but can still be involved in the process!

Together, we designed and I created this asymmetrical, rose gold engagement ring. It features 3 grey rose cut colored diamonds in a classic trio style but with a twist! The result is the perfect non traditional engagement ring! The rose gold looks perfect with Marta's skin tone.

Later, I created a textured sterling silver wedding ring to stack with it. The contrast is unique and elegant.

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