Maker Nation Challenge - with Kate Furman at the jewelry Expert Judge - airing SOON

*** Greenville, SC's Jewelry episode featuring local Expert Judge Kate Furman airs on December 12, 2023

Hearst Television’s Very Local streaming service is launching Maker Nation Challenge, a new series that goes to five different U.S. cities to showcase local artisans who are among the best at what they do.

Starting November 7, the series will feature tattoo artists in Missouri, makeup artists in Florida and jewelry makers in South Carolina, among others.

Maker Nation Challenge is hosted by Ashley Adams, co-host of the YouTube series Feast of Fiction.

Over the course of the season’s 10 weekly episodes, Adams travels to Hearst station markets Orlando, Florida; Kansas City; New Orleans; Oklahoma City; and Greenville, South Carolina. 

“Ashley Adams, a DIY disciple herself, brings a genuine curiosity and enthusiasm to the fold that I’m confident audiences will find infectious,” Very Local VP, production Michael Callahan said. “She is the audience, and I think that will really come through to viewers." 

Hearst points to data from Business Research Insights that the global arts and crafts market is valued at more than $44 billion and is projected to grow to nearly $75 billion by 2031.

"Interest in arts and crafts has exploded across the USA, and we feel we’ve assembled a uniquely talented and endearing cast of artists and makers from across the country that will inspire and enlighten our fans,” Callahan said. “Audiences are welcoming content that showcases skillful, innovative work that fascinates them and serves their excitement for DIY artistic pursuits. We think they will embrace the warm-natured spirit and high quality of story-telling Maker Nation Challenge will offer.”

The Very Local app is available to stream for free on all mobile, tablet and connected-TV devices.

Very Local produces more than 100 hours of content a year, including more than a dozen titles and hundreds of interstitial programs.



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