Why Twigs? Handmade Twig Jewelry in Greenville, SC and a bit into my background growing up in the southern tip of the Blue Ridge Mountains!

As you are perusing my jewelry, you may be wondering, "why does she make pieces with twigs?"

Well that's simple!

Nature is my biggest artistic and personal inspiration. I grew on a small mountain in Northwest South Carolina. I did not realize how blessed I was to grow up there until I was older. Every evening our front porch faced the most gorgeous sunsets, and we could see the mountains all the way in Tennessee. After school and on weekends, I explored our 6 acres by trekking through the woods with our dogs, searching for lost treasure including a rusted old moonshine still and hoping to glimpse a fish come up for a bug in our murky pond.

As I grew older I began to enjoy nature through hiking, kayaking, mountain biking, skiing, riding horses and just being. Being in nature balances me. It gives me clarity and calm, and it reminds me of growing up in a solid and loving family.

I use my art and jewelry to honor the things that mean the most to me, including the outdoors. Nature comes in many forms, but the twig is a classic. It is simple and recognizable.  I have found that wearing it as jewelry shows that you are "down to earth" (literally!), but it also shows that you are a classic beauty. Molding and casting twigs has given me a visual language that I can relate to many people with. Many of us have our own memories associated with twigs. I love that my designs with twigs can mean so much to many different people.



Line and drawing have always been an important design element for me. The linear aspect of a twig makes it the perfect "line" to create jewelry with! You can fine my illustrated studies of the twig through my website, business and life in pen and ink, metal and even as tattoos!



Live your art, right!? That is what I aim to do every day.