Why do I hand make solid gold fine jewelry?

Why do I use solid gold rather than gold plated materials in my fine jewelry? 

Well yes, it is for expensive up front, but it lasts. You don't have to worry about the plating wearing off in a year! Did you know that most jewelry stores won't even try to fix gold plated or vermeil jewelry? That is because a jeweler's torch or laser will burn the plating right off. And forget about polishing it! I want my jewelry to last generations as good quality heirlooms and not just a few months.

Plus gold means value. Saving up for a special piece of jewelry has so much more inherent value to you and in its materials. It is way more likely that you will treasure a piece that you had to plan for, save for and care for. I want my designs to be truly adored for generations to come, and I want you to feel special and loved every time you wear it.