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The story of the Twig Heart, a Handmade Pendant and more

On Valentine’s Day a few years ago, I needed a gift for my mom. I rummaged through my jewelry and art studio in Greenville, SC looking to make her something new.  I began bending and stacking a few cast silver twigs that were laying on a table and then realized that I made them into a heart. “Perfect,” I thought. I put it on a chain as a pendant, snapped a picture to post and wrapped my gift.

The Twig Heart was a hit! Not only did my mom love it, but so did everyone who saw my post. I loved it too because it so simply illustrated my love of nature. I became so intrigued, that one day I started drawing it on paper and later on t-shirts and even on my skin!

Come to shop for my twig heart in my Greenville, SC jewelry store!