Spring Cleaning Your Jewelry Box! Your old jewelry can be made to be totally new and YOU!

It is that time of year again! This year, let’s spring clean your jewelry box.



We all have jewelry sitting around that we never wear. Some of it was purchased when we were much younger and our fashion was questionable. Some was given to us by older family members, but it is just not quite our style. And what about that piece of jewelry given to you by your ex?


I can help! Let’s take that discarded jewelry and make something new with it. Your grandmother’s diamond means way too much to be forgotten about in the bottom of your jewelry box. That aquamarine is just too gorgeous to not be shown off. And that jewelry from your long lost love… well, let’s just give it a fresh new look.


Custom jewelry is the future. I can take your old jewelry and create something that is new and just for you. Book an appointment with me to discuss your pieces and what you want. We can start with drawing designs right then and there.


To begin the process, we will look at the jewelry you have and discuss all of the options. I will show you images of jewelry I have created, jewelry that I have in stock and will draw fresh designs specifically for you. As we narrow down the ideas, we will discuss budget and the pros and cons of each metal type. 


Once we have picked the design, I will hand carve it in wax for you to see. This is opportunity to make small adjustments to be sure your piece is perfect for you. I will cast the wax into the metal of your choice and will set your original gemstones into the design!


And if you want to start totally fresh, I can find you the diamonds and gemstones of your dreams. Looking forward to meeting with you!