Rings for men, and how should they wear them?

I don't know about you, but I love a man who can rock a ring!

I don't mean just a wedding ring but a fashion ring. This is my friend and Greenville, South Carolina photographer, Eli Warren, wearing his new custom men's ring. This rustic, artisan ring fits right into his personal branding. Notice that he wears his ring on his pointer finger, and the darkened sterling silver matches the greys of his tattoos. Eli was looking for a ring that he could wear everyday and that would compliment his personal style. He did not want it to look like a wedding ring, so changing the finger it was worn on fixed that!

What jewelry does your man want to wear? Here are some ideas to consider!

-Is he the artsy or hipster type? If so, wearing a ring on his pointer finger may be exactly what he needs. An oxidized sterling silver band like Eli's may be just the ticket! The finish can be customized and even changed over time. It can be rough, smooth, shiny or matte! This is where his personality comes into play.

-Is he outdoorsy and into hiking, biking, skiing or kayaking? He probably wants a ring that references his love of the outdoors. Try a wood bark or water textured ring! If he is rough and tumble, there is a chance he could lose it, so sterling silver may be best financial option. That way if it has to be remade in the future, it will not break the bank.

-Is he a more minimal and quiet businessman? How about a cleaner design in white gold or palladium? The texture can be smooth and not in your face. The shine can be dulled down just enough that it isn't flashy. The sky is the limit, even for the quiet type.

-Some men like gemstones in their rings. How about a black onyx cabochon? Onyx is not too sparkly or over the top. It can be just enough to say, "I am unique" without making your man uncomfortable.

Whatever his interests, I have you covered! I love working with clients to design and create the perfect heirloom