Learn a little on gold, sapphire AND opal....

Who else adores gold, sapphires and opals like I do, and why do we love it so much?!


Well, here are a few interesting things I can share with you about the precious metal GOLD…

Although gold is naturally yellow, gold jewelry can actually come in different colors, such as various shades of yellow, white and rose pink.


24k gold is pure, natural gold. In jewelry we alloy (mix) it with other metals to make it harder and/or less expensive. As the karat number decreases, so does the purity of the gold.

Pure gold can be stretched into thread and even used in embroidery. (Wow!)

It is often used symbolically, as in jewelry, or monetarily, as in gold coins.

But for my purposes as a jeweler, I love gold because I think it is beautiful. It holds up well as everyday jewelry. Of course it needs occasional maintenance, but all jewelry does.


Did you know that sapphires come in just about every color?

Blue, yellow, pink, white, silver, green...

And they are September's Special Stone!

Sapphires make great jewelry. Only diamonds are harder than sapphires, which makes sapphire the 2nd most durable gemstone.

Some gems are not recommended for rings, but sapphire is a great choice for one. (I happen to be making my own sapphire ring currently. You will have to stay tuned for more details on that though.)

Sapphire designs can be traditional or really unique. That is because you can pick a traditional cut and color (example: blue, round) or you can mix it up (yellow, rosecut - as in the example pendant above).

What kind of sapphire design would you like? If you are celebrating anything big this month, it is a great excuse to treat yourself with this gorgeous gemstone.



October is the month of the opal.

Did you know?
-Opal can be quite an array of colors
-There are 5 main categories of opals
.white opal
.black opal
.fire opal
.boulder opal
.crystal opal
-Each category has its own color spectrum!
-It's play of color has inspired writers to compare it to fireworks, galaxies and even volcanoes.

What does all of that mean? It means that no matter what your taste is there probably is an opal out there for you.