June is for Pearls... and Moonstone... and Alexandrite!!!

June is for Pearls...

If you are celebrating a birthday, baby delivery, anniversary, graduation or another meaningful event, you are lucky enough to have the pearl as your birthstone!

Did you know that pearls can be formed in saltwater or freshwater? Regardless of which water source, the mollusks that produce them cannot thrive in polluted water, so your pearls are sure to come from some pristine and beautiful places.

Saltwater pearls can come from Japan, China, Australia, Indonesia and even the Philippines. Freshwater pearls are primarily from China.

 How do you care for pearls?

Pearls are pretty soft and should not be stored right up next to other jewelry. They could get scratched easily. They are best stored in their own padded jewelry box.

It is also important to put on your lotions and perfumes before putting on your pearls to keep the chemicals off of their surfaces.

Lastly, it is a good idea to gently wipe off your pearls with a soft, damp cloth after you wear them.

So if you are looking for something special this month, let’s get together to talk more about making you a custom pearl piece.


What?! June babies get more than one gemstone?

That is correct! Those of you who are celebrating a special occasion in June actually get 3 gemstone options.

One of my personal favorite gemstones is moonstone. It is known for its special glow and its bluish sheen against white.

Why do I like this gemstone so much? I love the color. You can style it with so much because it is neutral. It can be set in any color metal and still be beautiful and it is still a really unique and underappreciated gemstone.

It can be found in the United States, Brazil, India, Tanzania and more.

The best way to care for moonstone is by cleaning it with warm water, gentle dish soap and a soft bristled brush.

Moonstone is so unique that I love to work individually with you to design it! we can custom design the exact piece of moonstone jewelry perfect for you.


But wait!... You nontraditional brides want to consider this gemstone!

Alexandrite is the third gemstone option for those of you celebrating a birth, wedding, anniversary or graduation in June alongside pearl and moonstone.

One of the most distinguishing characteristics of alexandrite is that it changes color in different light! It can change color from blueish-green to purplish-red in fluorescent to incandescent light.

Currently most alexandrite comes from Brazil, Sri Lanka and East Africa.

Because larger pieces of this gem are so rare, it is one of the most expensive colored gemstones. Its rarity makes it so unique!

Alexandrite holds up well to wear and tear and is therefore a great option for a ring. You non traditional brides want to consider this one! Just like your upcoming marriage, this gemstone changes and reflects its environment.

A ring, especially an engagement ring, is meant to be worn daily, so it needs to be made with a gemstone that can hang in there with you like this one.