Investment pieces are all about the details!

In jewelry, it is all about the details.



A tiny diamond glinting from the ring band, a dainty hand engraved vine encircling the gemstone and a softly brushed gold surface texture are just a few of the many details that can be given to your jewelry.

Detail can even be subtle. An elegant form with a soft texture can often highlight that gorgeous gemstone. I can also incorporate natural elements, such as cast twigs or hand engraved vines, into the band itself

When looking for what to add to your collection, pay close attention to the unique details that make each piece special. I know you will see something that surprises you!



Quartz, Gold and Hand Engraving... What more could you want?!

I am so excited to introduce you to my newest line of handmade jewelry. This collection features clear quartz crystals set on top of hand engraved gold. Each pendant or pair of earrings features a delicate illustration, and each is one of a kind.

To create these pieces, I carefully pick out the pieces of smoothly carved quartz. I use tiny sharp tools to scoop out metal creating intricate drawings of roses and ferns. The rest of the setting is hand made from sheets and wires made of gold.

I am having a blast creating these pieces, and I hope you enjoy viewing them! If you have any questions, I am here to help.
Why get investment jewelry?
Your gold pendant reminds you of your high school graduation, which is when it was given to you from your parents.

Your ruby ring is from that time you treated yourself because you deserved to.

Your sapphire ring contains your grandmother’s gemstone, but it was reset to reflect your style.

Your diamond earrings are the ones your mother wore every day of her adult life and that she passed on to you to remember her by.

As Charleston, South Carolina Fashion Blogger, Paula Rallis says in her recent blog post, “for new pieces, I recommend good quality over something that you’re only going to wear a few times before it turns.”

That is what my jewelry is. They are good quality, unique, and handmade investment pieces. As you collect them over the years, they begin telling your story.

Because you want these to last a lifetime and more, I work in precious metals that will not tarnish or lose value.

I source gemstones that are as unique as they are beautiful.

I spend hours with each design, while sketching it out, carving it by hand, setting its gems and carefully polishing its surface.

I source necklace chains that are gorgeous but can still hold up to wear.

What custom projects do you have in mind? Explore my custom page to learn more about my process, and email me to discuss the ideas that pop up for you!