Hand Engraving 101

I wanted to share my newest journey with you! I just got back from a fabulous week of learning (one of my personal goals is to take at least 1 new class a year)! I took a week long hand engraving class at New Approach School for Jewelers. My teacher, Jason Machiafava, is so good. He is crazy famous in the hand engraving and handmade fine jewelry world. He is "the only person ever named Master Craftman at Tiffany and Co." Yeah... AMAZING.

Anyway back to my story, drawing has also been my passion as much as jewelry has. I have continually searched for ways to incorporate the two. Hand engraving has given me a way to literally draw on metal through a series of my tiny and precise cuts. I literally scoop shards of metal out in order to draw different kinds of tiny lines into the surface of metal. I can only consider myself a very beginning hand engraving student at this point, but I am so excited to keep practicing.

This is a very difficult skill that will take years to develop, so I hope you all stick around to see my progression! As I get better you will start seeing engraving on my rings, pendants and more. I cannot wait!

Check out these pictures of my jewelry engraving practice in my store in Greenville, SC!