Give Meaningful Jewelry and Custom Jewelry by Design this Christmas!

The Holidays are approaching quickly in Greenville, South Carolina!! It feels quicker than usual, doesn't it? I have gotten into my sheltered Covid routine and the months have slipped by.

All of a sudden, it is time to start our holiday and Christmas shopping! 

Think about what you want your Holiday morning to be this year. When I see mine, I feel the love of my family, I smell peppermint and pine and I hear the joys of wrapping paper being torn and tossed from our presents. The very best feeling is when one of my gifts to my family is truly adored, and I know that it will be cherished forever.
My hope is that you get that feeling too. I think it is the "giving" that makes the Holidays so special.

Many of my most special pieces of jewelry are custom made with the client's wishes in mind. I also have ready to ship necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings and made to order ones. I am telling you this now because each piece is hand made by me. That means I can only make so many, so let's get started now!

My custom process takes up to four weeks. I can make jewelry with heirloom gemstones or diamonds you already own, or I can source the perfect one. Maybe you don't even want gemstones, and that is fine too! I LOVE working in gold. 

As I make new designs I add them to my site for you to shop and have right then. I can ship them to you, or you can schedule to come try them on in my jewelry store in person! Each piece is filled with thought and love as I make it. I promise you'll find something perfect!

I also have designs that I make to order. This means that you fall in love with it on my site, purchase it and I make it especially for you! This process may take me 2-3 weeks since it is all hand made. So let's get this started! I am thrilled to be your jeweler!

I hope this is the most cherished Holiday season yet. I think we all deserve it after this year!