Every handmade ring has a story to tell...

Every handmade ring has a story. What story does yours tell?

I custom made this ring for my mom this past December. Together we looked at a loose ruby and sketched a design. She wanted a wide band, a bezel setting, 18k rose gold, a hand engraved rose with a vine and a champagne diamond set in the flower on the shank (ring band).

I carved the wax model that would eventually be cast into gold, and let my mom approve that the model was exactly what she wanted.

I cast it into gold and let her try it on. I set the ruby, hand engraved the rose and vine and set the tiny diamond.

It was ready!

Although this was supposed to be a Christmas gift from my dad and me, she quickly talked him into giving it her 3 weeks early. Thank goodness she did because she died 2 days after Christmas.

I’m so glad she was able to enjoy it for those final weeks, and now I will forever see her when I wear it.

What a story this ring has from start to finish! That is what a custom ring can give you. It gives you a story, memories and meaning that you just wouldn’t get in a generic piece of jewelry.

If your jewelry tells a story, write it to me! I think it is inspiring to hear all that jewelry has to offer. 🥰