A little about me... an artist and jeweler in Greenville, SC

Since everything I make represents a little piece of me, I figure I should tell you more of my origin! I am almost 35 years old and began making metal jewelry when I was 17. That means that I have been studying jewelry design and metalsmithing for literally over half of my life.

My mom is a painter and artist, so I was surrounded by art as a child. My dad is a businessman. He began a successful commercial real estate company. When I discovered metal jewelry classes at the Fine Art Center, a high school program in Greenville, SC, I realized it was the perfect route for me to combine my love of art with my interest in business (both clearly passed down from my parents). I loved that jewelry was portable, wearable, sturdy, ageless and involved so many skills, tools and techniques to make. And so it began!

I received my BFA from UGA and my MFA from RISD both in Jewelry and Metalsmithing. In between schooling I worked as a whitewater raft guide and immersed myself in nature as much as possible. I worked for jewelers in New York City and in Greenville, SC, where I currently reside.

Now I work full time in my jewelry store and art studio and teach classes at the Greenville Center for Creative Arts. I am living my dream! I get to continue learning and challenging myself as well as handmaking luxury, high end jewelry and art that gets to last for generations to come. I love making non traditional engagement rings, artisan wedding rings and non diamond engagement rings.

Through my experiences as woman who has been divorced and now happily remarried, I have learned that self-love is important. I know that I can treat myself to something that makes me feel happy and confident. I deserve it, as you do. And I know that I can make you the perfect piece that is as unique and quality as you are. I am looking forward to meeting you, so please reach out!


This is me with my husband, Ben. This picture was taken at Pawleys Island, SC.