A Client Win! Creativity, Art, Jewelry and Personality!

"Kate Furman oozes creativity - it’s like her artistic ability is combined with her DNA so that everything she touches becomes art.  She picks up a seashell and it becomes a necklace, she finds a piece of wood and it magically becomes an elegant necklace. Kate picks up a pen and draws what she sees with a signature sensibility that is both perceptive and imaginative.  She seamlessly transitions from watercolor to ink with whimsy and skill.  Kate even finds a way to express her creativity in how she wears the perfect piece of jewelry next to one of her small line-drawing tattoos with a mass of curls that just won’t be held captive . . . just like Kate.  I love Kate’s style and warmth as much as I love her work.  For me, Kate Furman is #artistgoals."

-Liz Rundorff Smith, Travelers Rest, SC 

Wow! This is a thoughtful testimonial that I will cherish and read any time that I am feeling low. It means the world to me that a fellow female artist would call me her "artist goals!" Liz is crazy talented herself. This honor is a dream come true!

I want to create beautiful necklaces, rings, bracelets and art that make my clients feel special, that honor nature and that inspire those around me. In my opinion, jewelry is not just about wearing something pretty. Each handmade treasure should be full of thought, creativity, craftsmanship, quality and art. When you shop handmade fine jewelry, you should get a lot more than just something pretty to look at! I make my jewelry to empower women. When wearing my jewelry, women should feel unique, special, loved and one of a kind. 

And as a side note, I love that Liz notices my tattoos with my jewelry! I drew my tattoos based on my jewelry and made jewelry from my tattoo designs. It is all linked together as I believe art always is.