What is an Alternative Engagement Ring? How do I pick a non traditional or colored diamond?

Traditional engagement rings are out, and non traditional engagement rings are in!



Why is that? Today's women want an engagement ring that shows their unique, individual personality and not the ring that everyone else has! How do I know that? Well I am one of those women as are many of my friends. Based on my experiences and those of the women near me, here is what I know about alternative engagement rings!



Let's start at the beginning. The first step in designing an alternative engagement ring is to pick out the diamond. There are so many options! Traditional cut diamonds, such as round brilliant, oval, cushion, marquise, emerald and princess cuts, come in natural and dyed colors. They can be yellow, pink, green, black, champagne and more. They even be lab created diamonds these days!


But did you know that diamonds also come in vintage shapes like mine cut and rose cut? Rose cut diamonds are my personal favorite. They can be transparent or opaque, white, brown, black, red, yellow and more colors, and they come in any shape. Rose cut diamonds are flat on the bottom and faceted across the top. This means that you can have less carat weight with a larger diamond. Often the diamond can sit closer to your finger creating a more comfortable design. Rose cut diamonds also can be round, oval, rectangular and totally organic shapes!



What I personally look for in a non traditional diamond, are the "characteristics," formally known as "inclusions." Believe it or not, those are what make each diamond totally unique and interesting. Those are what give it is color and patterns. The amount of "characteristics" is totally up to you! Some people like diamonds full of them, and others want a crystal clear round rose cut. Regardless of your choices, there are so many options to make your diamond ring unique. One thing that is so true is that nothing sparkles like a diamond!



Once we have picked your non traditional diamond, we can start designing the ring! I can carve a smooth setting that highlights your diamond or I can incorporate cast twigs and other natural elements into the design. Texture, color and pattern are other ways we can individualize your ring. 



And the last big decision for you to make is what metal type do you like? I recommend white, yellow or rose gold. We can determine which color looks best with your diamond and with your skin tone!



All in all, the custom process of designing your alternative engagement ring is a really fun experience that you will cherish forever. I am really looking forward to working with you! To learn a little more about "how to buy an alternative engagement ring" download my free guide below!


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