Lauren and Austin's Non Traditional Engagement and Wedding Ring

One of my favorite alternative engagement rings to date and a wonderfully matching wedding set!

Austin wanted to propose to Lauren in Dalton, Georgia with a family heirloom white diamond and a handmade, non traditional engagement ring, so I created this simple gold setting that perfectly highlights it. Lauren adores it, as do I!

I can definitely say that this is one of my favorite engagement rings to date. It is so simple, yet so elegant. That combination of qualities is what I strive for. I often believe that the simplest designs can be the most beautiful. Since the diamond was a family heirloom, the ring became even more special. 

Before the wedding, I carved a wedding ring to perfectly contour to the engagement ring's curved form and cast it also into yellow gold. The forms are perfectly fitted but the texture it different. It's tree bark texture reflects light off the surface of the ring just as the diamond next to it does. The engagement ring's texture is much smoother with only slight irregularities, which hint to it having been handmade.

Austin's wedding ring is also custom made. It was made in sterling silver and oxidized to darken it. It has a texture referencing tree bark. It is manly, rustic and natural, just like he is. Although his and Lauren's wedding rings are different colors and different metals, they have matching texture that unify them. 

Since the wedding, Lauren and Austin have expanded their family with a new baby. It it an absolute honor to have played a tiny role in helping to create this beautiful and kind family. 

I would love to chat with you about your perfect wedding set too! Making pieces are cherished for our lifetimes and on is my ultimate goal. What better way to do that than making wedding rings?!



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