Mary's Ring - How to work virtually to create your custom ring



With today’s virtual world, we don’t have to live in the same city (or even the same state) to work together on a custom piece of jewelry.

Mary began following Kate on Instagram. She fell in love with Kate’s handmade style and knew that her boyfriend, Will, may be shopping for an engagement ring soon. When he casually asked Mary what kind of ring she may want, she quickly pointed him in Kate’s direction.

Together they sent Kate a message on Instagram asking to learn more about her custom process. Over a video call, they got to know each other and were able to ask all their questions. Kate then found them a selection of three exquisite Montana sapphires. Mary picked her favorite, and then allowed Will and Kate to do the design.

With Kate’s guidance, Will chose to add a champagne-colored diamond to each side of the sapphire. The colored diamonds referenced a traditional look but kept the ring totally unique, just like Mary. Kate created the ring and mailed it to Will. Mary said yes, and their love story continues…

Hear what Will said about his experience working with Kate…

“I can’t believe how easy this process has been. It’s like Kate can read our minds.” – Will C, Maryland

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