Linda's Ring... How do you reset a family heirloom?


It was one of the biggest smiles I ever got from her,” he said.


It was their 25th wedding anniversary, and he totally surprised her with a gorgeous diamond ring. She wore it every day from then on. 27 years later (on their 52nd wedding anniversary), she passed away, and the ring was given to one of their 4 children.

For the first year after her death, her child left the ring as her mother wore it. Then one day, she just knew what she wanted to do with it. She decided to have it reset in a style that she herself would want to wear every day.

Her mother would be happy with that because she would want it cherished by her daughter. By resetting it, it still was a family heirloom, and it still told her mother’s story. Now it also told the daughter’s story.

The new design was in 18k yellow gold, as her mother’s had been. It now featured hand engraved vines, which was a nod to the daughter’s love of nature and drawing (loves which she also inherited). Most importantly, it has not left her finger since, and she remembers her mother each time it glistens.

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