How to choose the perfect wedding band for your man

We can probably all agree that men are hard to shop for, but a wedding ring is important! I specialize in custom making wedding rings. Here is a simple preview into my process.

-Bring your man into my studio. You can schedule a complimentary custom appointment which links directly to my calendar. If you are not local, I have virtual appointments also available!

- I will take 2 measurements of his ring finger. The first is his ring size, and the second is what width of band works for him. Typically, men’s rings are between 6-10 mm wide.

- We will look at images and examples of rings I have made, or we can brainstorm something totally new! We will look at textures, designs, shapes, metal color and metal type. I typically make men’s rings in sterling silver, 14k or 18k yellow, rose or white gold or Palladium. Your preference and budget play a role here.

- I will sketch our design ideas on paper to make sure we are on the same page.

- Depending on the design, I will most likely hand carve a wax model of the ring. You can preview it in person during another appointment or via videos and images I email you.

- I quote the final price (which is based on the weight and type of metal), and you pay a 50% deposit.

- The ring is cast or fabricated into metal and polished. It can be shiny, matte, oxidized or more!

- You man tries it on to check the fit, and he is ready to tie the knot! 

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