How Do I Design a Non Diamond Engagement Ring? Alternative Engagement Rings are In!

You have been looking for the perfect alternative engagement ring for your non traditional bride and have realized that a diamond just won't do. Let me help you design and make the perfect alternative to diamond engagement ring!

First thing is first... let's talk colored gemstones! When designing an engagement ring, you have to consider that this ring will be worn every day. It will need to take a beating, so to speak. Therefore, the gemstone we use has to be hard enough.

As we know, diamonds are the hardest and toughest of all gemstones. That is why they do make an excellent choice for an everyday engagement ring. Sapphires, however, are a great second choice. 



When most of us think sapphire, we think blue. That is not the only option though. Sapphires come in almost every color, cut and size! Some sapphires are wayyy more expensive and exclusive than most diamonds. There is of course a sapphire for every budget though!

Sapphires can be pink, yellow, orange, red, green and blue. Additionally, they can come in any shade of those colors. They come is all sorts of traditional cuts and in non traditional cuts like rose cut. Rose cut is my personal favorite. It is flat across the bottom and faceted across the top. That allows for a clean bezel setting that protects your gemstone from wear and tear. 



Using a sapphire or another colored gemstone is a great way to make your engagement ring more unique. There are many other colored gemstones that you can use. Some of them are much softer, so be sure to talk to your jeweler about the specific gemstone and its durability.

Opals, turquoise and pearls are popular choices, but they are softer gemstones. They need to be treated with care. Tourmalines are another great option with many color choices. Emeralds are a classic, but again they can be rather fragile. If you have your heart set on one of these softer stones, let me know. If there is a way we can protect them in the design, we will do it!

At the end of the day, your alternative engagement ring is meant to reflect your preferences, personality and unique style!

Learn more about "how to buy an alternative engagement ring" through my free downloadable guide below!

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