A Full Circle Story - Megan & Sam

“Megan and Sam”
Isn’t it beautiful when you can see a story come full circle?
Over 10 years ago, I attended a rowdy camping trip on the banks of the Chattooga River (on the border of South Carolina and Georgia). I knew a few fellow campers and met several more. 
However, I was not the only one to meet new friends on this magical evening… Megan and Sam also met each other for the first time. 
Fast forward to today, Megan and Sam got married! And guess what?! I got to make Megan’s engagement ring and both of their wedding bands. 
Together, we designed and I created a gorgeous, twig inspired engagement ring to match Megan’s natural beauty. It features a solitaire grey rose cut diamond that sparkles with an understated elegance. He proposed next to the very same river where they first met each other. After Megan of course said, “YES,” we got to work on designing their custom wedding bands. 
For Megan, I created a matching twig band featuring a dainty brown rose cut diamond. It organically rests in the nooks of the engagement ring. The set exudes a love for our environment and the glisten of fine heirloom jewelry. For Sam, I made a simple, half round and gold band encircled with hand engraved hemlock needles. It is crisp, classic, and again, natural. It shines, just like Sam!
Playing a tiny part in something so beautiful is why I do what I do. 
 A huge congratulations to Megan and Sam!!!

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