A Client Win! - What exactly is a non-traditional engagement ring anyway?

What exactly is a non-traditional engagement ring anyway?

I recently had the pleasure of designing a really cool nontraditional engagement ring. This client was not into diamonds, so instead we picked a gorgeous, natural and dark blue sapphire. Sapphires can be just as valuable as diamonds in case you were wondering! We paired the gemstone with 18k yellow gold, which is a rich yellow color. The ring is chunky and naturally textured, which is right in like with what she likes. For the finishing detail, I hand engraved dainty ferns on either side.

From start to finish, this ring reflects my client perfectly. It shows her love of the outdoors, her natural aesthetic and it is meant to hold up to her rough and tumble work.

So what makes this ring non-traditional?

In this case I would say that choosing a sapphire over a diamond is an alternative choice. The ring is also handmade and totally one of a kind. Non-traditional rings can also have colored diamonds, various gemstones, no gemstone or many other variations on tradition. Regardless, each engagement ring is meant to reflect the person who is meant to wear it. There is no right or wrong!

If you are about to dive into this process, hear what Brendan McMahon of Travelers Rest, SC has to say...

“Guys, as you all know shopping for an engagement ring is one of the most intimidating things we will ever do! Add to that the idea of having a custom made ring to fit the uniqueness of the love of your life, and it is downright terrifying!  Luckily I was given some guidance by my bride-to-be when we happened to drive by Kate’s shop and was told, ”oh there is Kate’s shop.” She makes the most beautiful / unique jewelry. If you are ever unsure of what to get me go there”. Armed with this information, I scheduled an appointment with Kate, walked in, and said “help me!” Kate walked me through the process, answered all of my questions, presented me with my options, and in less than an hour she had sketched exactly the ring that I had in mind……even though I didn’t exactly know how to articulate it! From that point on the process was perfect, and before I knew it, she had completed a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that fit my lady’s personality perfectly. I can’t say enough about how amazing it was to work with Kate, I never felt pressured, she communicated flawlessly thru-out the process, completed the ring early, and it was even a little under my original quote! So, if you are like me and the idea of having a custom ring made is intimidating………. go see Kate! Also, if you are looking for gift ideas she has a ton of other jewelry as well as artwork. I ended up commissioning a sketch for Christmas, and it turned out perfectly……..Kate is truly a one stop shop for unique gifts!”

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