Introduction to the new blog!

Hello to all.  My name is Kate Furman, and I am a jewelry designer and maker located in Greenville, South Carolina.  I have been making jewelry since I was 17 years old. I learned it in high school in Greenville at the Fine Arts Center.  There, I fell in love with the tools and processes of metalsmithing. I then received my BFA from the University of Georgia in Jewelry and Metalworking.  Next, I received my MFA from Rhode Island School of Design in Jewelry + Metalsmithing. I learned my skills and techniques in school, as well as to present myself as an artist.  

After school, I worked for Emanuela Duca, a fine and fashion jeweler located in New York City, for Llyn Strong Fine Jewelry, a jewelry designer in Greenville, SC and for Hale’s Jewelers, a fine jewelry store also in Greenville.  From these businesses, I learned how to price work, market myself, work with customers and acquire vendors.

For the past year, I have worked mostly full time for myself, Kate Furman Jewelry LLC.  I have a fabulous working studio in the Village of West Greenville, which is an emerging arts district in Greenville, SC.  My address is 547 Perry Avenue. Most of my space is designated working space. I have tools for casting, soldering, cutting, drilling, polishing and more.  The rest of my small is a small store. I love that customers can see work in progress as well as finished pieces. My work is all hand crafted, which is what I think is special about it.  My studio hours are Wednesday – Friday 11-5 and Saturday 11-3. Additionally, I am open by appointment, on First Fridays (a local gallery crawl on the first Friday of each month) and for special events (Open Studios, Pop-Up Shops, etc…).  

If you are reading this, you clearly have found my website, which is a constant work in progress.  Please peruse and enjoy! I am happy to answer any questions about the work, including how it is made and why I made it that way.  Each piece has a story to me, and I hope creates a story for you as well. Best wishes to you all and thank you for your time!

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